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Thursday, February 19 2009 @ 06:54 PM
Which fantasy job appeals to you?
Rock Musician
Professional Athlete
Movie Star
President of the U.S.
Best-Selling Author
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THAT'S CLASSIFIED — There’s a reason people call the “want ads” the “classifieds.” It’s because they’re written in code! We let you know what’s really going on when a job’s advertised as being a “career opportunity” and why you should run, not walk, if the headline is “models wanted.”
BE YOUR OWN BOSS— Entertaining, informative and inspirational interviews with people who followed their dreams and left the 9-5 world far, far behind.

Coming soon to V.O.D.:

ODD JOBS— Wonder what it's like to drive the Zamboni when the Kings are on the ice? Would you like to know what skills you need to be a hay bucker? Find out what it's like to have a job nobody really understands.
ALL ABOUT THE BENJAMINS — What are you worth? Are you sure? Would you make more if you transferred to another state? We focus on one career at a time, giving viewers the 411 on how their compensation stacks up to their peers.

— Deciphering a benefits package today is not an easy thing. Our experts will lead you through the maze, cutting through the gobbledygook to tell you what you need to know.
BUSINESS BEYOND BORDERS — Business in the 21st century means thinking globally, even for small businesses and entrepreneurs. CETV’s savvy panel of professionals will help translate the ins and outs of business on an international scale.
1 ONE-MINUTE MANNERS— So, what to do if your budget just won’t cover the cost of endless collections for birthday presents and baby showers? What you DON’T have to do is keep shelling out dough to keep your job. We cover work’s sticky little dilemmas, one minute at a time.

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"People prefer to follow those who help them, not those who intimidate them."
-- C. Gene Wilkes
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