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Thursday, February 19 2009 @ 09:18 PM
Which fantasy job appeals to you?
Rock Musician
Professional Athlete
Movie Star
President of the U.S.
Best-Selling Author
Behind the Firing Line: If you can't keep a job, if you've been fired or downsized more than once-we feel your pain. Mary Tomlinson has had more than her share of jobs and wants you to learn from her mistakes.

Christopher Rising: If you believe that children are our future (sing it Whitney), then check in with our young columnist Chris Johnson for his unique perspective on the world of work.

Coach's Corner: Corporate life coach Terry Norton will show you how to turn your dreams into realities in this regular Q&A. If you don't like your life-change it!
Gear Up: If you think Bluetooth is a gum disease and a blackberry is something you bake in a pie, then you need to check in with tech columnist Michael McCord. The 21st century is all about technology, and if you aren't up on it, you're going down.
Steve Tatham: Stand-up comedian, radio personality and all-around gadfly Steve Tatham is outraged by what he sees going on in the workplace. Check in with his column, then watch for him as the host of "Disgruntled," CETV's provocative new show.
View From a Corner Office: Nathan Aloni has been both employee and boss, and he's passing on the lessons he's learned in the process of becoming a CEO. Hint: being the boss rules!

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"Work is not the curse, but drudgery is."
-- Henry Ward Beecher
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